This blog is about the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene concept argues that humanity has flung our planet out of the Holocene and into an entirely new geological epoch: the Anthropocene. The idea has bubbled around for a few decades and more. But only recently has it has gained significant scientific credibility. Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer first penned an article on the subject in 2000. The article appeared in the IGBP newsletter, Global Change.

This blog will discuss how the Anthropocene is unfolding. And what it means to live in this time. It will also talk about working within the scientific community as we attempt to define and understand the Anthropocene and what it means for our future. Moreover, I want to observe and comment on the great political events, the digital revolution and other global phenomena related to this newly networked society we live in.

I am Owen Gaffney. I am a writer and Director of Communications at the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. I am the former editor of the award-winning magazine Planet Earth and in 2008 I set up the website Planet Earth Online.

I have a degree in Astronautic and Aeronautic Engineering and post-graduate qualifications in journalism and film production.

Selected articles

BBC Humanity needs to take a giant leap

Global Change A Planet on the Edge

Earth System Governance UNsustainable

Our World 2.0 2010 Human Sustainable Development Index

Earth Summit 2012 Global Connections, Global Action

Stakeholder Forum Intergovernmental Panel on Global Sustainability

This is a personal blog representing the author’s personal views not the views of IGBP or any other organization.

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